Lithuanian design block ( LDB ) is a platform connecting Lithuanian designers, small design studios and other companies working in the product design field.

The key directions are:

  •  help designers develop their brands both locally and internationally
  • consult upon export matters
  •  represent in-house fellas at international design fairs
  •  advise on financial support for an international approach

Lithuanian design block offers agent services for design companies who lack experience or could not find success in sales. Even the shiniest design products can dust on a shelf without proper sales representation. So, let’s get in touch and discuss your case!

Currently, Lithuanian Design Block is working on a showroom to be opened in the nearest future. This will be the place where various Lithuanian designer products will be displayed for sale. LDB recognizes emerging international trends for shared showroom spaces and adopts locally. It is a great opportunity for new designers and young companies to save money and human resources on sales as well as management.

Lithuanian Design Block represents in-house fellas at international design fairs. From London to New York, from Berlin to Singapore, you name we do it.

Potential export markets, foreign customers, intricate tax matter – all information in one place, in Lithuanian Design Block.


Liana Ruokyte-Jonsson

General manager

Meet Liana Ruokyte-Jonnson our lovely managing director. Just do not get deceived by her astounding appearance/looks. Liana is a guru for making things happen, braking barriers and creating positive change. Liana’s pockets are full of experience in representing Lithuanian companies abroad, finding right contacts and meeting ends in the trickiest business situations.
Prior to Lithuanian Design Block, Liana worked as Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, as cultural attaché of Lithuania in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway. She was honored with the Royal Order of the Polar Star of the Kingdom of Sweden by H.M. The King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf for merits in developing Lithuanian-Swedish cultural cooperation and developing mutual relations.


Egle Opeikiene

Project manager

She represented leading Lithuanian design innovations from exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Singapore to the desk of Tony Blair. Egle’s experience in design production and sales field helped numerous local designers become internationally renowned.
Having enough energy to outsource a small nuclear reactor, Egle is vital to successful happening of all things Lithuanian design.
She is not fast. She is supersonic. While designers still contemplate on that decision, Egle already had exchanged a ton of emails, made profit and loss analysis, took decision and is a half way into materializing it. Frequent flyer (app. each 10 days). Lives with one leg in Hamburg and the other in Vilnius.