Lithuanian Design Drops

October 1-5, 2014

Masterful Symbioses of Industrial Design, Food and Fashion at Dome of Visions

A group of national and international award-winning product and fashion designers from Lithuania, adventurers and masters in mixing industrial design with fashion and food, will make local and international design lovers wow as well as will definitely add a vibrant spice to the Dome of Visions environment and the entire cultural city scene in Copenhagen from 1 to 5 October.

Edible but inedible… or maybe edible?

House of Naïve (www.houseofnaive.com) will reveal the new rules of form and function and show ways to wear chocolate and taste linen.

Tadam! Design (www.Tadamdesign.com) will make mouths water with their “delicious” fashion jewellery collection “The Sweet Course for Your Eyes”, looking and even smelling like real freshly baked dessert bites.

Artisans-roasted and brewed coffee and coffee inspired products (all edible) will be offered at the award-winning Crooked nose & Coffee stories manufacture (www.crooked-nose.com).

Architecture but jewellery

Designers of Okiiko (www.okiiko.eu) and the Basic (www.thebasic.lt), very distinct in their search for the desired forms and colour combinations, will exhibit their memorable contemporary jewellery collections, echoing architectural lines, shapes and geometrical forms.

Apparel but not what you might expect

Aiste Nesterovaite (www.aistenesterovaite.com), an eloquent minimalist, with a very individual and hybrid approach towards wearable designs, has already been internationally recognized for her Envelope Backpack/Briefcase, which unlike conventional leatherwork, is folded and glued to form a sturdy envelope without any visible marks of jointing, as well as for her formal but playful aprons, suitable to wear anywhere, even as a supplementary garment to your daily work or leisure outfit, and will also be presented at Dome of Visions.

KaiLis (www.kai-lis.lt) invites everyone willing to create his or her individual inside-out wearable rainproof and windproof parka.

Moreover, ladies wishing to turn themselves into real muses are welcome to try the dresses and tops by Le Muse (www.lemuse.eu).

The team of March (www.march.lt ) constantly observe things of daily use in a quest to find a gap and design new products or reinvents things that no one ever thought of before: writable T-shirts, reflective safety badges, wearable with any outfit, and other noteworthy playful designs – all showcased for Dome of Visions visitors and guests too.

Last but not least, Labàdienà (www.labadiena.eu), designing contemporary street apparel with subtly hidden and at first glance unnoticed details and aiming to prolong admiration, will also present their creations at the show.

Furniture but highly personalized

Kirigami Design (www.plyhouse.com) and Emko (www.emko.lt) will showcase their minimalistic, Scandinavian and very functional furniture designs, offering personalization and customization for every product to optimize your individual office and home area.

For those who might get confused or tiredThe wowed and either confused or tired visitors of the show will be invited to have a break at the special Soft Lounge, furnished by yet another Lithuanian design pearls: the therapeutic New Adam chair (www.interjeraibesaiko.lt),  a portable rehabilitation sofa, the sound-absorbing Armchair Eggy (www.puzero.lt) and a variety of modular furnishings (www.contraforma.com).

The project is organised by LITHUANIAN DESIGN BLOCK, a platform for Lithuanian designers and small design studios, helping them in developing new innovative products, preparing and participating at various international design exhibitions, and supporting them in exports as well as on the home market.

Sponsored by Enterpise Lithuania, non-profit organization owned by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Visitors and media are cordially invited to:
1-5 October, 2014
Dome of Visions
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1016 København K

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